About the workshop

Customize your Brandcamp™ program

Experience the same brand-building approach McKim uses to create brands for many of the region’s significant organizations – customized to deliver results that meet the needs of your business and brand.

Depending on your particular organization, your industry, and the number of participants, your Brandcamp™ program can be completed in 1-2 days – followed by a post-camp weigh-in.

Phase 1 – Warmup Phase 2 – Work out Phase 3 – Weigh In
Show off your results

“The Canada’s Heart Beats brand has reenergized our organization and created momentum in our entire industry. It’s a home run.”
Colin Ferguson, CEO, Travel Manitoba.

McKim is recognized for the large-scale brands we create for many of the region’s significant organizations. We also have a depth of experience branding small businesses and many non-profits.

Who should attend?

Brandcamp™ is designed specifically to engage your leadership team and other stakeholders in a deep dive to uncover your brand’s values. The program delivers McKim’s enterprise brand discovery approach and creative methodology, scaled and compressed to meet the specific needs of:

  • Small Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Independent units in large companies and institutions
  • Business-to-business marketers

The program is ideal whether your audience is the general public, other businesses or your employees and partners.

“No matter who you are – from a multinational corporation to a performing arts group, from a large law firm to an independent art gallery – you have a brand story inside you that can transform your business.”
Peter George, CEO, McKim

Listen to Peter George talk about branding and McKim Brandcamp™ on the Winnipeg Chamber’s BOLD Radio.

Welcome to the Brandcamp™ Gym

Our facility is located at the corner of Main and Bannatyne in downtown Winnipeg. Brainstorm while enjoying panoramic views of the historic Exchange District. Take part in breakout activities on the city’s best private rooftop patio. And fuel up on all the coffee you can drink (yes – really).


Your McKim BrandcampTM trainers

Peter GeorgePeter George
Erik AthavaleErik Athavale
Carey PradinukCarey Pradinuk
Audra LesoskyAudra Lesosky

Space is limited and you know your brand is not going to grow a six-pack all on its own. Sign up now for McKim Brandcamp™ and see results in two days or less.